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The Auslandish Team is headed back to Tijuana later this month to say hello to our friends at Casa de Mi Familia!

Casa is an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, housing between 16 and 24 kids.  The home is run by a remarkable couple, Aracelis and Alejandro, who left their home in southern Mexico to create a safe haven for these kids. They run it like a giant family. They love each child as it if were their own. Kids are not adopted from Casa for a variety of reasons. This reality leads to deep relationships and an opportunity for a consistent home for the kids living there.

Casa is their new family.

Casa is their home. 

It has been an incredible honor to partner with Aracelis and Alejandro, our California partners, Monte and Lisa, and Inverted Arts to provide art workshops for these kids. 

On a typical day we cross the street and set up some tables with drawing paper and paints. All of the kids (ages 5-21) are invited to come and learn some basic drawing and painting skills. We chat and sometimes the older kids just join us and play their guitar, performing songs they have written. 

In the afternoon we meet with the older kids (13 and up) to work on block printing where they create prints featuring their home (images of some of their wok are shown in a slideshow below). After a few hours of working on their prints we break for dinner and meet afterwards again for some relaxation and games! 

On Sarah's very first trip to Mexico she taught some printmaking techniques and over the years it has been evident how much they have grown in an understanding and in craftsmanship! 

Our hope is that through these workshops we can continue to be a loving, empowering, and life giving presence in these children's lives, as well as in the lives of Aracelis and Alejandro who have dedicated their lives to loving and protecting these kids.

We can't wait to go back.  Stay tuned for updates on Casa and our time with them later this month! 

If you want to know more about Casa +Auslandish please send us a message we would be thrilled to share more! 


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