This August, Auslandish had the opportunity to return to Mexico in partnership with Inverted Arts and resume art workshops with our sweet friends at Casa de mi Familia!

Our mornings were spent drawing and painting animals out of National Geographic, and our afternoons working with the older kids to create logos for the children's home, as well as working on perspective drawing and architectural drawing.

In between classes and meals, we found ourselves playing soccer, tag, memory, dancing, having deep conversations and watching movies. Our time deepening our relationship with these kids is equally important (if not more so) as working on their artistic skills. 


These are amazing human beings with the ability to overcome adversity and with beautiful insight into life. Their creativity is always stunning and so fun to celebrate at the end of the trip. Some are hoping to pursue creative careers and their capacity is evident, and we hope to only affirm and equip, as best as we can. 


We hope to return early 2018. Stay tuned for ways you can be a part of our partnership with these kids! 

Sarah NelsonComment