Auslandish, being rooted in a deep love for the environment has chosen to take on the Plastic Free July pledge.

It started with a small group of movers and shakers in Australia and has grown to be a movement of more than 2 million people world wide, who annually take the pledge to refuse single use plastics and do their best to live a plastic free life for the month of July!  

Why does Auslandish care? 

There is more and more research coming out about plastic waste that shows how damaging it has been and continues to be to the environment and to human beings.

 Every ecosystem is finding itself affected by single use plastics. Even our watersystems are feeling the effects. Plastics are a specific target because they don’t degrade for decades, if ever, and when they do break down, they break down into microscopic pellets that are now turning up in our drinking water, our sea food, and our soil.

For the first time ever, we are finding measurable percentages of plastics in our own bodies. This is causing great concern among medical researchers who believe there are strong links to our plastic use and infertility and cancer. 

 THE GOOD NEWS is that we can play an active role.

So many of the worlds problems leave me feeling helpless, but this one has a direct path towards change that is good for me AND good for the rest of mankind and our environment.

It doesn’t have to end with species going extinct and continued health risks to human beings- there are easy and tangible ways to have an impact!! And that is what Plastic Free July is all about, it’s about learning how to lean into a new way of consuming. 

There are different levels of engagement, but what is listed below is what I consider Level 1.

Level I is an incredibly impactful and wonderful place to start.  


1. Plastic water bottles

2. Straws

3. Plastic bags

4. Plastic take away cups and lids

This is a great and simple way to start a new rhythm, that is good for you and good for the planet.  

You can use reusable water bottles (stainless steel or glass) instead of plastic water bottles. Cheaper for you, you aren’t ingesting plastic, and you stay hydrated.  

Straws, there are cheap reusable straws! This is a GREAT way to cut down on waste in a way that makes an enormous impact.   

Totes! They are not only fashionable, good for every type of purchase, but they also help save the world from plastic bags. 

Keep Cups, mason jars, thermoses, like steel or glass water bottles are easy ways to store flavorful beverages without using takeaway cups that end up in our soil and water systems! 


From these changes, you can begin to notice purchasing habits, such as switching from buying produce that is wrapped or packaged in plastic, alternatives where you can buy in bulk versus packaged goods, there is a world of opportunity for making a difference ahead.

The Big 4 is a great place to start and by doing so you make a difference.  

You get to be a part of the Good In The World. 

For more information check out the ‘This Amazing Planet’ portion of the Auslandish Website. It is full of resources and information! 

I would love to hear about your plastic free journey and any tips and ideas you may have as you make new discoveries! Don’t hesitate to share! 

We are all learning together.  

Sarah NelsonComment