We are so excited about partnering with organizations like College Possible! 

Developing relationships with the organizations we partner with matters to us, so we took advantage of College Possible’s generous invite to learn more about their exciting work! 

As an organization, College Possible places strong value on relationship and partnership, cheerleading students into new opportunities and scholarships, and often multiple college acceptances. 

College Possible is making college admission and success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. The problem, is that 73% of upper-income students will graduate from college, while only 8% of low income students from the bottom family income quartile will graduate from college. This degree divide is striking, and alarming. We know that by 2020, 65% of all jobs in America will require post-secondary training beyond high school, but only 31% of Americans 25 and older have a post-secondary degree. 

The College Possible solution comes in near-peer coach relationships! We have a dedicated team of AmeriCorps members who act as coaches to our students, forming trusting relationships to help students become self-advocates to overcome the financial, academic and social barriers that often limit college graduation. 98% of College Possible students are admitted to college, and are four times more likely to graduate than their peers. 

- Seth Duin, College Possible

We got to meet with several ‘coaches’ and hear stories of students reaching incredibly exciting goals. One of the coaches we had the privilege of meeting, was a former College Possible student who had returned to share his skills and knowledge! 

Education is a vital component in developing opportunities and empowering people to bring good into the world. That is the work that the students and volunteers at CP do every single day. It isn’t easy, but it is incredibly important. Many students believe that college is out of reach, because of academic challenges or financial restrictions. CP has a strong track record of helping students prove their ability, and reach their goal of graduating with a college degree. 

We envision a day when the future of America's children is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort. - College Possible 

Watch out world, these students have a lot to give and here they come!

To the students in College Possible: Keep going! We believe that you have incredible good to offer to the world, and are capable of fulfilling your dreams. 

To the College Possible Staff: (Amy and all the friendly faces we saw!) Thank you for welcoming us so warmly, taking the time to speak with us, and doing all you do! 

To everyone else: Thank you for taking time to read this. If you want to know how to participate in or empower the good work happening at CP, you can go to their website:

You can also buy one of our 'Good in the World' series prints and click on ‘College Possible’ to donate 50% of the profit to their excellent mission and work! 


When you buy a 'Good In the World' print:  $40 print =  $20 donation to CP


"A donation to College Possible can help our students in a huge variety of ways! Dollars contributed to our program go towards anything from bus tokens, to ACT prep books, to funding campus visits."

Provides one month of bus tokens for a high school cohort to attend College Possible activities

Funds a FAFSA workshop for college students

Provides two high school students with ACT study workbooks and a trained coach

Supports one college student for one year

Funds one Summer Bridge session for 25 college-bound students

Supports one high school student for one year

Supports one high school student through college graduation