Happy Inter-national Women's Day!

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Happy International Women’s Day!!

I am SO incredibly honored to announce my collaboration with the amazing and lovely Odd Bird Company!! 
This illustration is a limited edition print (50 total) available for $40 on Odd Bird Co's ONLINE SHOP  ! 
ALL PROCEEDS go to Women for Women International ! 
Women for Women International is an organization helping women in war torn countries gain access to tools and resources that help them out of crisis and poverty and gain stability and self sufficiency!! To quote Odd Bird Co because she said it best:  

“Because as women we all need to flock together and HELP each other. Whatever kind of bird you are, you are welcome here.” 
— Odd Bird Co

EVERY woman is a beautiful and worthy being- and an odd bird in the most amazing of ways.
Let’s come together and bring that beauty together and empower one another to do great and beautiful things in this world. 💛

Sarah NelsonComment