The conversation about caring for our planet can be a sensitive topic. For many it has been an experience of blame and shame. Auslandish values this conversation deeply, but wants to work hard to bring a new perspective to the conversation - one of excitement and LOVE for this amazing planet and love for those of us who depend on it- which is all of us, everywhere. 



Inspired by Plastic Free July 's movement, Auslandish is officially launching it's Environmentally Conscious branch. Plastic Free July is a starting point and a pledge we have taken, along with 2 million others across the globe, and are inviting you to take as well!  

It is an opportunity for us to reevaluate our purchasing choices and learn more about our impact on the environment! The organization started as a small group of Australians and now spans over 150 countries! 

Being Eco-conscious helps animals and eco systems survive, and in turn is essential to helping humanity survive. We depend not only on the beauty that nature offers but even more so on it's resources. Our eco systems are fragile but they are also resilient.

In order for already damaged ecosystems to have a chance to re-grow and for things to change, we have to learn new habits, see our impact, and become innovative in the way that we manufacture product and care for the environment. There are INCREDIBLE changes and innovations happening all around the world, lets be a part of the change!

Throughout the month of July, Auslandish will make tips and tricks and information about our environment available!

We are in this together!

Take the pledge on the Plastic Free July website and be sure to post your tips and ideas and things you are learning and tag @auslandishcompany so we can learn with you! 

“... what is good for the world will be good for us.
And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and what is good for it.”
— Wendell Berry